Targeted Races

SBRC members race throughout New York City (and beyond) year round. We have designated a handful of these races as “SBRC-targeted.” These are the events that we have collectively run in the past and at which we’ve had some grand times. If you’re looking to race, these are the races we encourage you to run. 

SBRC-Targeted Races are divided into two groups:

A Races – These are the best races the city has to offer (in our opinion), and we strongly suggest you make the effort to participate.

B Races – These races are fun, but not the most fun. Some of them are out of town, some are in the dead of winter, and some just have the misfortune of falling in between A Races.

If you know of a race that’s not on the list, and you’re convinced it’s simply the bee’s knees, suggest it to the group. As of right now, the SBRC-Targeted Races are as follows:*

Date Race Host Priority Registration
6/28 Midnight Half OSR A Open
6/29 FRNY Pride Run NYRR A Open
6/29 Take Your Base 5k NYCRUNS A Open
8/11 Falmouth Road Race (Falmouth MA) B Closed
8/24 Percy Sutton 5k NYRR A Open
9/5 Superfund Super Run SBRC A TBA
9/22 5th Avenue Mile NYRR A Open
9/28 Hamptons Half B Open
10/6 Grete's Great Gallop NYRR B TBA
11/17 Brooklyn Marathon (run or volunteer!) NYCRUNS A Open