What is SBRC?

We are a group of runners who like to get together and run with other people. Coming out of South Brooklyn (Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook) we represent many different levels, from people just starting out to competitive runners. Our goal is to make everyone welcome, and to give everyone positive running experiences. If you want to just run around the park, we can help you meet that goal. If you want to run a sub-3:00 marathon, we can help you too.

Cobble Hill and Red Hook? That’s not South Brooklyn! Isn’t South Brooklyn Bay Ridge?

Historically, the area south of Atlantic was South Brooklyn, as opposed to north of Atlantic, which was the City of Brooklyn. Bay Ridge is southern Brooklyn. Wikipedia can explain it more.

Do I have to live in South Brooklyn?

Of course not! Even though we think South Brooklyn is the best, we have members from such far away places as Wisconsin and New Jersey, but they don’t get to run with us that much. If you want to run with us, come and do so, we’d love to have you. If you want to find a closer running club, you can find lots of them through NYRR. Other Brooklyn clubs include Prospect Park Track Club, Brooklyn Road Runners, and North Brooklyn Runners.

Is South Brooklyn really the best?


Well, you’ve convinced me. How do I join?

Just come and run with us. We try to have lots of runs at different paces, so come on by on we know you’ll have a good time.

But what if I’m out of shape or don’t like running or am slow or have never ran?

Come and run! We’ve all been there, and it’s a lot easier to get going with some other people running next to you.  We are runners of all levels, so you won’t be alone, and we promise you’ll have fun.

You guys sound great! It must cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to run with you. Which is it?

Neither. Running with us won’t cost you a dime. Just come on out.

Awesome. When can I meet you all?

Just refer to our handy schedule.

What a well-prepared schedule! And your routes are so convenient! But when do you run each route?

We don’t have plans for this route on this day. Some days may be windy and cold, so we’ll stay away from the bridges, or we may want to have a relatively flat day, so we we’ll run the waterfront. The people who show up that day set the route.

So how far could I expect to run on any day?

Most weekdays are in the 5-7 mile range -maybe longer on Wednesdays- and weekends have a range of 5-20+ miles. Those distnaces are set again by whomever is doing the running.

But what if I want to run a shorter distance?

Some people turn around earlier, using the motivation of meeting people to get them going, and sometimes someone else is looking for a shorter run too, so come run, you’ll be glad you did.

You guys really like running, huh?

Yes we do.